Without Rival: Embrace Your Identity And Purpose In An Age Of Confusion And Comparison

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Lisa Bevere
Bold Bible Teacher Empowers Women to Live Free from Comparison and Rivalry
In this day of challenge and opportunity, women have been the victims of constant comparison and rivalry. It has robbed the church of the feminine voice and contribution that would make her strong.
In a wild, vibrant, and relatable style, Lisa challenges women to:
– embrace the fact that God loves us uniquely rather than equally
– realize their undisputed calling
– reconnect to their divine identity
– dismantle the rivalries that keep us from God’s fullness
There has never been a more desperate need for each of us to discover who and why we are a daughter without rival, loved by a God without rival, entrusted with a promise without rival, to complete an assignment without rival, that is destined for an eternity without rival.
Includes questions for personal reflection and small group discussion, plus additional questions designed for use with “Insights to a Life Without Rival” video sessions.