The Singer (25th Anniversary Edition)

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Author: Calvin Miller

A Classic Retelling of Cosmic Conflict

Hundreds of thousands have thrilled to this extraordinary retelling of a life unmatched in human history. Through the story of the Singer, his Song and his battles with World Hater, Calvin Miller has created a world full of life and wonder. In this special edition the author offers a new introduction that tells how he came to write this beloved classic and how he as well as so many others have been changed by this book. Here is a book that will sweep you away with its powerful tale of incarnation and redemption.

The Singerquickly became a favorite of evangelists, pastors, artists, students, teachers and readers of all sorts when it was originally published in 1975. Retelling the story of Christ through an allegorical and poetic narrative of a Singer whose Song could not be silenced, Miller’s work reinvigorated Christian literature and offered believers and seekers the world over a deeply personal encounter with the gospel.Now available in hardcover for the first time in many years, this edition features a new cover illustration by Jerry Tiritilli to complement the classic interior illustrations by Joe DeVelasco. Miller also includes a new preface in which he reveals how he came to writeThe Singerand how he, like so many other readers, has been transformed by its imaginative power.”The Singeris one of a handful of contemporary Christian works that will still be read a century from now.” Michael Duduit, editor ofPreaching”The Singeris one of those rare books that cannot have enough good said about it. It absolutely sings to us of the greatness and goodness of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Richard Foster, author ofCelebration of Discipline”The Singeris a classic.” Leonard Sweet, author ofSoulTsunamiHere–again, or for the first time–is the opportunity to experience the good news as you are drawn to and immersed in this magnificent tale.