Every Day With Jesus Sept/Oct 2021

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9781789513417 Paperbook Author: Selwyn Hughes God’s Best ‘What is God’s will for my life?’ There comes a time when we all find ourselves at a crossroads, needing to make a decision that will affect us and possibly others. Discovering God’s will is the easiest task in the world –and the hardest. It is the easiest task because God has put down clear guidelines for us in His Word, which are there to help us in our decision-making. It is the hardest task because following God’s guidelines demands time, dedication, commitment and self-discipline. But the rewards we receive are beyond compare. In this issue of Every Day with Jesus, Selwyn explores the topic of God’s will and guidance, encouraging us with the truth that God wants the best for us and longs to lead us into a close relationship with Him and a fruitful life of service in His kingdom. AUTHOR DETAILS Selwyn Hughes was the founder and Life President of CWR and for over forty years wrote the popular devotional Every Day with Jesus. His international Christian ministry as a writer, Bible teacher, evangelist and counsellor spanned over fifty years.